Should your business adopt a ‘device down’ policy in meetings?

Research from Wacom suggests employees are more engaged if laptops aren't present in meetings. 63% of workers believe taking notes by hand allows them to be more productive

UK businesses are losing £29bn every year due to unproductive meetings and need to consider new ways to make their meetings more meaningful and efficient, according to new research revealed by tech company Wacom.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 UK office workers, found that 37% of employees were distracted by laptops and smartphones in meetings and felt that their meetings would become more efficient and engaging if laptops were kept outside of the meeting room.

Instead the majority (63%) of office workers surveyed said that taking notes by hand does/or would enable them to be more productive and creative, and to be able to recall content more easily.

Unveiling the research at a ‘Mindful Kitchen’ event in London this morning, Wacom highlighted that the research points to a need for businesses of all sizes to adopt a ‘laptops down’ or ‘devices down’ protocol for meetings as Jeroen van ‘t Hoofd, Wacom EMEA spokesperson, explained:

“Meeting organisers and presenters worldwide are constantly competing with laptops and mobile devices for the attention of attendees. While most people use the devices for note-taking, the temptation to multi-task is just too great. These distractions have a negative impact on stress levels, productivity, company culture and ultimately the bottom line.”

Flagging up additional findings which showed 34% of office workers admitting to often working on other projects or clients on a tech device whilst in meetings, Hoofd has argued that businesses should act to run more “mindful meetings with smarter, distraction-free note taking.”

The research comes as Wacom rolls-out its Bamboo Folio and Bamboo Slate products which acts as smartpads and allow you to write as you would with pen and paper and then save your work as a digital file. The company says its smartpad technology can save up to 100 pages of notes locally or when synced with a tablet or smartphone, and that files can be accessed from anywhere.

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