The company that lets you carry all your desktop applications in your pocket

Company details

Company: Simdesk Technologies Based: Houston , Texas Website: Clients: Launching in Europe later this year



Who are you?


Louis Waters, president of Simdesk Technologies, which began trading in 2000 and is scheduled to launch in Europe during 2008.


What do you do?


We have a new product for small to mid-size companies called SimMobile – a way of putting your whole office into your pocket. It gives you full and complete access to your work emails, files, contacts, calendar and whatever you generate throughout the day. And as you’ll be fully connected to your office network, you can still access your printer if need be. We’re also offering affordable messaging. 


What does this mean in practice?


We can give you all the stuff you can get from a BlackBerry, but on the phone of your choice. SimMobile is compatible with all of the major mobiles on the market, so you don’t have to spend a huge amount to access our service. SimMobile links into the local applications on your phone and can be connected to your email, as well as other associated applications on Microsoft Outlook. This can be done without any modifications to your IT system and works through a file browser, which is a simple Java plug-in. Also, you can take all of the documents on your desktop and upload them to our system, so you can access these from your phone, too.


What size company suits you?


We are looking at the range of 10 to 100 employees – that’s our sweet spot. So it is primarily a small business that might think BlackBerry is too far out of its price range, especially if it is thinking of buying several phones for its staff. We aren’t really competing with BlackBerry, which caters for much larger enterprises. However, we are taking part of the market that it doesn’t want.


Why should I care?


Our big focus is to make our product as easy to use as possible. By plugging into the applications that you already have on your mobile, we are offering a greater level of choice. If you don’t like the way it works, you can simply choose another phone. However, we recognise doing your work on a mobile is very different from using a laptop. Therefore, we have concentrated on minimising the number of clicks, as this is what we believe our customers would want.


What can you do that I cannot do for myself?


The big problem in the small business world is that you never really stop working and are on the move all the time. Also, the time you can spend out of the office is limited, so the value we give is full productivity. You can interact and work throughout the day and this brings huge productivity and time value.

To give you an idea of how useful this is, I’ve been at a conference all week and haven’t even brought a laptop with me. It also makes it easier for you to keep in touch with staff out on the road, and for them to have a greater level of impact with customers as the office is much more accessible than before.


What mistakes will it stop me from making?


IT is such a misunderstood area and the big mistake many firms make is to spend too much money on it. We can help you grow quickly and can provide back-up for all your files.

This can help your business coordinate easily, even if you have many staff out of the office.


Give me an example


A client of ours back in the US, Post Oak Bank, had just 10 staff when it came to us two and a half years ago. It now has 70 employees and has branched out across its region. It uses us as a way to coordinate its activities and to work smarter. It is also using us as a back-up plan, as it can load up all of its documents online, so if it ever had a system meltdown it wouldn’t lose its information.


Why should I trust you?


We take security and privacy very seriously and don’t re-use your data in any way or sell it on to anyone else. Everything is encrypted with military grade security that passes regulations US banks have to go through. We believe that most businesses out there want privacy and security, so that is what we provide.


What will it cost me?


About £25-30 per month per user – and this is an all-in charge that includes all of our services.


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