YO! Sushi on building a restaurant brand

The founder of YO! Sushi talks about building the YO! brand through the initial restaurant brand

“Restaurants are extremely high risk – a lot of them fail”, believes Simon Woodroffe. Starting a restaurant is a popular business idea because we see restaurants first hand and think how we could do something similar – or better. “All of us subconsciously think we’ve got an idea for a restaurant: we go on holiday and see the tapas bar or some sandwich thing and think “that’d work really well””, Woodroffe adds.

On the YO! brand, he notes, “it just happened to be a restaurant in its first incarnation, although someone one said to me they ‘always knew’ YO! was destined to be a brand in all sorts of market sectors”.

To go into a high-risk business such as hospitality and ‘brand’ as a restaurant so you get known might seem challenging, but “is probably a reasonable strategy actually – not that I ever looked at it quite like that”, concludes Woodroffe.

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