Simplifydigital launches with £2.4m

A new service designed to make buying digital services easier gains funding

A new company that aims to make buying digital TV and broadband easier has been launched with £2.4m of backing.

Simplifydigital is led by two former marketing directors from Sky TV, Charles Ponsonby and Lawrence Bleach, as well as Vince Warsap who spent 10 years running Virgin Atlantic’s call centre operations. It has backing from private equity firm Botts and Company as well as big figures from the UK investment fraternity including: Paul Collins, former vice chairman of Citigroup; Michael Langdon, chairman of Rutland Partners; Martin Smith, deputy chairman of Newstar Asset Management; Dennis Stevenson, Chairman of HBOS; David Verey, Chairman of Blackstone Group UK. The company’s official launch follows a successful test marketing period which was run over Christmas and now the business is focusing on being involved in the 7.5 million digital subscriptions sold in the UK every year.  The business is founded on the belief that consumers are uncertain about which services to choose and what bundles best suits their needs and require impartial advice. To meet this need Simplifydigital offers a free consultation service but makes no money from consumers for establishing deals with providers. However, the company also sells digital equipment and accessories and has revenue share deals in place with the major digital companies such as Sky, Virgin, Orange and TalkTalk. “Consumers are extremely confused by the bewildering array of technologies and deals on offer – with no obvious place to go for impartial advice,” says Ponsonby. “With the analogue switch off in 2012, we see a significant market opportunity in becoming the place to go before making any decision concerning digital TV, broadband or phone services in the home.” © Crimson Business Ltd. 2008


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