Sir Tim Berners-Lee to discuss future of the Internet at IP EXPO Europe 2014

Inventor of the World Wide Web keynote speaker at October cloud and IT infrastructure event

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is to deliver the opening keynote speech on his vision of the future of the Internet at leading European cloud and infrastructure event IP EXPO Europe 2014.

Taking place on October 8 at ExCeL London, the event will see Sir Berners-Lee celebrate the 25th anniversary of his creation by sharing his ideas for the Web; looking at business challenges, the potential to overcome these challenges through policies and innovation, as well as potential new markets and the power of e-commerce.

His speech will be followed by talks from leading tech influencers including Mark Russinovich, Microsoft’s technical fellow, and Doug Cutting, creator of Hadoop.

Sir Berners-Lee commented: “I am looking forward to addressing key decision makers in European business at IP EXPO Europe.

“The issues that will shape the future of the Web – from privacy and data regulation, to sustainability and responsibility – don’t just touch our businesses, they touch our lives, and we are all at the very epicentre.”


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