Small business flexible working adoption at all time high

75% of businesses worldwide have implemented flexible working policies and say they have increased productivity and profits as a result

Businesses, now more than ever, are adopting flexible working policies and believe their performance has improved as a result, according to a new survey from Vodafone published today.

The Flexible: Friend or foe? survey of 8,000 employers across 10 countries – including the UK, US, Germany and Spain – found that 75% of businesses have implented flexible working in order to vary employee working hours.

61% of businesses surveyed said that flexible working had increased their profits while 83% said it had helped to improve productivity, and 58% said adopting such policies had benefited their business reputation and profile.

Of the remaining businesses that had not yet implemented a flexible working policy, the majority said they had not done so because it would not suit their company culture (33%), it would create friction between employees working flexibly and those who weren’t (30%), and that employees might not work as hard remotely (22%).

Vodafone group enterprise chief executive, Nick Jeffery, said of the research: “Employers are telling us that flexible working boosts profits while their employees tell us they’re more productive.

“Central to all of this are the new technologies that are reshaping every sector, from high-speed mobile data networks and fixed-line broadband to the latest collaborative cloud services. We truly are in an era when work is what you do, not where you go.”

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