Small business marketing winner: SuperJam / Fraser Doherty

SuperJam Fraser Doherty SuperJam was created by Scottish teenager Fraser Doherty, after being taught to make jam using his Gran’s secret recipes at the age of fourteen. From humble beginnings, the company now supplies major UK supermarkets, has won a variety of awards and is even included in a museum exhibit as an example of an ‘Iconic Scottish Food Brand’.


Entry We’re really excited about how technology, in particular things like social networks, can help us run our business. Up until the past few years, it was never possible for a grocery brand to have a meaningful conversation with the people buying its products.

On our website, we have a page where consumers can suggest a store that they think we should supply – somewhere like a deli or a farm shop. They suggest hundreds of stores every month. We then send a nicely designed postcard to the store saying “One of your customers thinks you should sell SuperJam”, offering them a discount code to use when placing their first order. We follow up with a friendly call with more information – most stores place an order right there.

When the store places an order, we send a jar of jam to the person who suggested it as a way of saying thank you. This has been an amazing way of using technology to get the people who love our brand to help us grow.

Canon says: SuperJam appealed to us because it’s a small company with big ideas. Whilst it has wide appeal it’s still keen to give its customers that personal touch.
Plans for the Canon PIXMA iX7000 We have an amazing dialogue with the people who buy our products and reply to dozens of letters every day from people who have ideas for how we can develop the brand. I’d also love to be able to send out a physical newsletter to people (a printed version of our online newsletter which we send out to about 5,000 people).

A lot of the people who buy our products are elderly and so do not have email – it would be amazing to be able to develop the dialogue that we have with them through having a printed newsletter. We would print this on the PIXMA iX7000.



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