Small business websites fail to deliver on personal service

Majority of British consumers think big businesses offer a better online service but prefer the offline approach of small companies

Small business websites fail to deliver a personalised service when compared to their big business counterparts, research commissioned by 123-reg has found.

The study of 2052 adults found that, while 71% of Britons think a small business’ (local with small headcount) offline service is more personal and “special” than that of a big company (nationwide with lots of employees), 59% believe big businesses offer a “generally better” service online – indicating the “clear need” for small businesses to translate their personal approach to their online offering.

The report, entitled Closing the Digital Personalisation Gap, found that consumers preferred the online service of big businesses because they generally offer mobile-optimised websites, working links, product reviews, product recommendations and customised site information.

123-reg has said that small and medium enterprises can compete “online better and drive sales by introducing personalisation and improving their website” which in turn can then “close the trust and empathy gap that exists between their online and offline activity.”

Read the report in full here.


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