Small businesses are beginning to “realise the benefits of mobile”

Many business owners now believe that a mobile-friendly website is vital to growth yet remain frustrated with broadband speeds in their area

Almost two thirds of all UK small enterprises expect a ‘boost’ in their mobile sales this year, research from YouGov and eBay UK has suggested.

Surveying 400 online businesses, the research indicated that 32% of small firms believe having a mobile-friendly site is ‘vital’ to their growth and 36% anticipate that their mobile sales will grow by up to 10% in 2016.

Some 20% of respondents also said they expect sales to increase by up to 30%.

While mobile sales are expected to soar, 38% of online business owners think poor internet access is holding them back and 63% said they were ‘dissatisfied’ with the current state of UK broadband.

Over half of respondents have called on the government to improve internet access so smaller firms can compete and 48% believe public WIFI should be improved so businesses can facilitate flexible working amongst staff.

Last year, the UK’s e-commerce sector was worth £573bn to the economy and earlier this year a report found that mobile friendly sites were helping UK businesses attract foreign consumers.

eBay UK head of mobile, Andy Towers, commented:“Businesses are now fully realising the benefits of the mobile revolution.

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“Mobile optimised sites and apps […] are helping customers to access technology that was once preserve of just the big retailers, and they are reaping the benefits.”

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