Small businesses could receive £100,000 for reducing carbon emissions

Previous recipients of the fund have seen an annual sales increase of up to £200,000

Not-for-profit low-carbon expert company, CO2Sense is offering grants of £100,000 for businesses that reduce carbon emissions either within their company or for their customers.

Part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the money can be spent on any business endeavour that assists company expansion, whilst reducing carbon emissions, such as improving manufacturing efficiency.

CO2Sense, which is simultaneously working with government to encourage the development of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) network in Yorkshire, has given around £8m to companies who wish to reduce their carbon footprint in the last five years.

Recipients of prior CO2Sense investments include Rotajet, which received £23,000 from the low-carbon experts to develop a solution for recycling cross-contaminated materials.

Receivers of the grant, however need not be in the environmental sector and all business in Yorkshire and the Humber, with fewer than 250 employees are encouraged to apply.

Previously, the fund has helped businesses to increase their sales by up to £200,000 per year and Katie McGuire, Principal Consultant at CO2Sense feels that this is just one way in which companies can benefit from the grant: “£100,000 can make a big difference for a business, especially when they do not have to pay it back, and it can be spent where they need it most.

“Many companies offer new products or services that are improving on traditional designs, and use less water, energy or raw materials, and they could qualify for this valuable free cash.”

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