Small businesses worried Brexit will stop them hiring the right staff

The Federation of Small Businesses has called on the government to clarify what Brexit will mean for EU citizens working or looking to work in the UK

59% of UK small businesses with EU employees are concerned that Brexit will restrict them from making the right hires in the future, according to a report from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

The What Small Firms Want from Brexit report, which surveyed 1,236 FSB members, revealed that 56% of respondents were worried about new immigration laws which may come into effect after the UK officially leaves the EU.

Moreover, 13% of respondents are considering moving their operations out of the UK or closing completely due to possible recruitment restrictions.

UK small firms are currently uncertain as to whether EU citizens will continue to be able to seek work in the UK, and whether EU workers already in the UK will be able to remain so post-Brexit.

As a result, the FSB has called on the government to clarify what Brexit will mean for EU employees in the UK, and has suggested a three-year transition period for EU workers and businesses to adhere to any new immigration laws.

Mike Cherry, chairman at the FSB, commented: “EU workers are a vital part of our economy, helping to plug chronic skills gaps across a wide range of sectors, and filling jobs in an already tight labour market.

“From packers, to mechanics, to graphic designers, small employers need to be able to hire the right person, for the right job at the right time.”


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