Small firms must have more access to info and ramp up exports to thrive

Survey highlights importance of small business resources like and urges more firms to explore exporting opportunities ahead of Brexit

79% of MPs have said they believe aspiring and current business owners need more information and guidance in order to thrive, according to research from Informi.

The findings, which surveyed the views of MPs from both sides of the House of Commons, highlight the importance of resources like for entrepreneurs to gain access to invaluable business advice and guidance.

Ahead of the official triggering of Article 50, the survey also found that 85% of MPs think there needs to be a big increase in the number of small businesses exporting if the UK is to “fulfil its potential as a trading nation”.

Darren Nicholls, product manager for Informi, said: “Whether you started a new business yesterday or have been heading up multiple businesses for years, it’s clear that there is a wider requirement for the ability to receive independent help and advice.

“The study also highlighted the importance of encouraging more small businesses to export. The UK is responsible for over 40% of world trade, and yet government figures suggest just 9% of our small businesses export.

“If we can help and support more small businesses to export, especially given the current unknowns about the effects of Brexit, then as a nation we could achieve so much more of our potential.”


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