Social Chain co-founder Steven Bartlett’s steps for achieving social media stardom

If you want your brand to succeed on social media then you need to appeal to your customers’ emotions, explains the Social Chain co-founder and influencer

In an exclusive interview, Steven Bartlett, co-founder of social media marketing agency Social Chain, lets us in on his secrets for achieving social media stardom.

Steven is one of the Plusnet Pioneers– a panel of entrepreneurs brought together by business broadband and phone provider Plusnet and to help the UK’s small businesses tackle issues in funding and marketing and achieve their potential.

The other Pioneers on the panel are: innocent drinks and JamJar Investments co-founder Richard Reed, Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz, co-founders of mum’s meet up app Mush, LDN Muscle (LDNM) co-founders Tom and James Exton.

Steven’s first insight is to give your business’ social media presence a boost by riding the wave of cultural moments. These moments represent excellent “free opportunities” for brands.

He also discusses the power of using micro-influencers to promote your brand. Whilst social media influencers used to be major celebrities that were out of the reach of small businesses, now, technology has allowed businesses to get great results by using micro-influencers with cult audiences.

Steven says there’s a tremendous pressure for small businesses to have a presence on every platform – but you don’t have to be. He advises under-resourced businesses to focus on the channels that make the most sense for them.

Finally, Steven explains why it’s vital to build engagement in order for your message to travel. To do this you shouldn’t shout at your audience about your business, you should be more like a publisher, making your audience feel something through the content you produce and “weaving your brand into that”.

The Plusnet Pioneers campaign is on a mission to help the millions of small in the UK that make up the backbone of the economy with dedicated support and information. You can find out more information about business broadband and phone provider Plusnet here.

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