Social enterprise can treble by 2010

Social Enterprise Coalition calls for government support to help maximise economic contribution

Social enterprise needs government support if it is to succeed in its aim to treble its economic contribution by 2020, the Social Enterprise Coalition said this week.

The organisation’s new manifesto sets out ambitious targets to dramatically increase the impact made by the UK’s social enterprises over the next ten years.

According to government statistics there are currently 62,000 social enterprises in the UK which contribute over £24bn to the economy and employ 800,000 people.

The new manifesto aims to raise the profile of social enterprise in the run up to a general election. The Coalition said businesses with social aims are critical to rebuilding the economy and offer ‘a more accountable and sustainable business model’.

Peter Holbrook, chief executive officer of the Social Enterprise Coalition said: “This is a crucial time for the social enterprise movement – as the UK emerges from recession the public demands, and deserves, a fairer and more sustainable economy. Social enterprise can help to achieve this, but we need the right support.”

The manifesto outlines some key policy changes which the Social Enterprise Coalition believes can maximise the impact of social businesses.

Suggestions include support for social enterprise models to be developed across public sector agencies, as well as a package of tax incentives to encourage social investment.

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