Spearhead Interactive

The start-up aiming to create an entirely new sector in 3D web design

Founder: Dan Riley
Launched: February 2013
Website: www.spearheadinteractive.com

With HTML5-enabled web browsers approaching ubiquity in 2013, a new world of webpage design potential has opened; consumers can now view videos, listen to music and interact with 3D elements in webpages in a way that was not possible before.

Launched in February 2013, Spearhead Interactive is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this web design revolution. It is one of the only companies offering a completely holistic range of 3-dimensional online applications for businesses; whilst competitors typically specialise in niche uses of 3D, such as virtual showrooms or architecture, Spearhead’s technology can render the intricacies of an electrical circuit or plumbing system with up to 12 square miles of virtual terrain.

Listed in the 2013 Startups 100, Spearhead’s clients span a broad range of sectors, from biometric security systems manufacturer iEvo to double glazing consultants The Consultancy and discussions are ongoing with 10 other organisations.

The company is currently re-investing its revenues into developing the applications of its 3D technology, including integration with the upcoming Oculus Rift high-end virtual reality headset, and founder Dan Riley confidently predicts Spearhead Interactive will go on to create an entirely new sector in web design.


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