Speedlights & Elephants

Winning the online business game

Speedlights & Elephants
Eddie Yu
RRP £17.99

Eddie Yu’s debut tome is not just a guide to online business – it is a self-help book, encouraging the reader to assess the reasons why they are pursuing entrepreneurship, and providing coaching along the way.

Yu acknowledges that for most business owners, their company will dominate their lives – so it makes sense to unite personal motivations with business ambition. For himself, he realised that his desire to make money was linked to a wish to contribute more to charity – putting his need for success into context.

Yu argues that having a clear vision instils confidence from the get go and that, having done an assessment of your value systems, you will have a clearer view of your aspirations and goals. At the end of each chapter he provides workshops to maintain this focus.

Above and beyond online business, Yu provides advice on branding, outsourcing, sales and networking. But, he argues, all these factors have an impact on why some online businesses fail and on what makes the successful ones great.


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