Staff training can ‘boost motivation’

More than half of workers say training would stop them changing jobs

Investing in training opportunities can lower staff turnover and boost employee morale, new research has found.   The research, by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) found that more than half of workers would rather train at their current job than move on to a new one.

The Council also found that nearly half of employees believe training would make them more likely to stay with a company, with 45% adding that it would make them feel more valued at work.

However, an earlier report by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), found that less than 1% of businesses said they would increase training to boost staff retention.

Of the businesses that did train their staff, four in 10 reported an increase in staff retention.

Jaine Clarke, director of skills for employers at the LSC, said the research revealed a clear need for employers to change their attitude to training.

However, she added that it was also up to workers to tell their employers when they felt they needed training.

“We would encourage employees to take the future into their own hands and ask their employers about training before taking the step of finding a new job,” she said.

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