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Starbucks, Subway and PizzaHut: The secrets of their franchise success

How have these food franchises delivered results?

Everybody must eat. And in that sense launching a franchise business in the food or restaurant industry can be a very practical endeavour.

One of the biggest names in franchising, the Starbucks franchise, is a prime example of the growth potential inherent in the food and drink industry when the national palate catches on to your particular flavour. It used to be that coffee shops were few and far between, but following a 1990s boom, overshadowed only by the dot com explosion, one cannot walk a block without passing a Starbucks franchise or one of its competitors.

From the food end of the spectrum, the Subway franchise and Pizza Hut franchise offer similar examples. Clever marketing and solid brand management have allowed these two franchises to take ubiquitous foodstuffs, such as pizza and the sandwich and pizza, and make it their own product, their creation. The Subway franchise and Pizza Hut franchise are prime examples of the security afforded by an established brand when launching your own franchise business.

But what does the future hold? What is the next iced coffee or stuffed-crust pizza? What is the next niche item in the food and drink industry to go mainstream? Some claim the next, next big thing is the ice cream franchise. With flavours to appeal to all ages and all tastes, its proponents could be right. Other crystal balls predict a rebirth for the traditional chocolate franchise.

Whether you see your fame in an ice cream franchise or a fortune in your chocolate franchise, the key to any success is to work just as hard as your brand is working for you.


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