Taste of success: How we started a cafe business

After spotting a gap in the market for savoury tarts, Adam Harrison and Jason Smith launched Tart Clapham. How'd they make their cafe concept a reality?

Adam Harrison was helping to set up operations for a former employer in Brazil when he came to the conclusion that there was only a “certain life span” he could live out in the corporate sphere. And so he, alongside co-founder Jason Smith, began looking into food-based business ideas.

Three years on and the duo were sitting in a cafe in Dublin – aptly named The Queen of Tarts – where they had the realisation that, while you can get great sweet tarts, “nobody does a savoury tart”. This realisation would sow the seed for Harrison and Smith's cafe business Tart.

Based in Clapham and specialising in “terribly tasty” savoury tarts and salads, Tart became profitable within a year of the duo starting the business and Harrison and Smith now plan to launch a further four cafes over the next four years or so.

So just how did the entrepreneurial duo make their cafe concept a reality? And did they face any obstacles along the way?

In this exclusive video, Harrison shares how he went from corporate employee to cafe owner and offers up some wise words of advice to aspiring cafe businesses on managing finances: “There are all these big costs coming your way; rent, stock, staff […] so get some help because we have help!”.

This film was produced in partnership with Sage. For more business insight and tips to keep on top of cashflow and small business tax visit www.sage.co.uk.  

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