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Start a home-based recruitment agency – free workshop

Interested in running a business in a £31bn industry? These free events could help you get started

We've all heard stories about missed opportunities. Missed opportunities to connect with someone, tell a person how we feel, compliment someone or make them feel good about themselves, in the stock market, and ones that could have greatly improved one’s financial status.

If running a recruitment agency from the comfort of your home and the potential to earn good income sounds like an opportunity you want to grasp, RSU Services Ltd, is running a free workshop that might appeal.

Why start your own recruitment agency?

The UK’s recruitment sector is worth an estimated £31bn, and is still one of the only few industries that requires a relatively small investment to get started, can be run on a shoestring budget, has very few official regulations. Most importantly it can equally yield tremendous financial results in a very short period of time.

In addition, the recruitment industry has grown rapidly; therefore it presents an ever-increasing demand for this service across a wide range of skill sets. That’s why there has never been a more perfect time to start your own recruitment agency.

Anyone with the right motivation can follow our recruitment start-up business model. Recruitment Start Up's business model is designed to provide a programme that gives you all the tools, knowledge and skills you need to start running your very own recruitment business, and to earn a substantial income that grows year-on-year.

Average placement fee across our business start-ups is £4,000 per introduction. You will get to keep 100% of all placements that you make which will be paid directly to you.

Why are employers willing to pay so much?

By outsourcing this function, companies can fill positions more quickly, eliminate salaried HR employees, and slash their advertising costs.

If you are in a position to work on a full or part-time basis, we will supply you with everything you need to know to start your business. The main benefit to you is that you get to keep 100% of what you earn, plus you will own the business outright.

Why you should start a home-based recruitment agency

Over the past 10 years or so we have seen dramatic changes in the industry where the advent of the internet has had a big impact. A new start up recruitment agency can be be up and running quickly and ready to compete with the traditional high street recruitment agencies.

With Recruitment Start Up’s training programme you will be taught how to reach clients, find candidates and tap talent from across the UK and internationally.

Thanks to the internet, home-based recruitment start-ups now have access to all kinds of free tools for finding jobs and sourcing suitable candidates, in turn, levelling the playing field to their advantage through providing a more cost-effective service, effectively undercutting high street agencies.

Your home-based recruitment agency will not only be more agile than the big corporations, it will also be able to provide service to clients at a fraction of the cost of bricks and mortar businesses due to their exorbitant overheads.

Could you earn £5,000 to £15,000 a month with your own home-based recruitment business?

RSU Services’ recruitment start-up training programme offers one-to-one hands-on training with our managing director Joe Davis who has had some 30 years’ experience in the recruitment industry.

He will personally train you on the exact steps required to set up and run a successful employment agency, giving you the opportunity to earn a substantial income within a few short weeks.

Free recruitment start-up workshop

This is your invitation (for you and a guest) to attend a free recruitment start-up workshop presentation, designed to give you an insight on the key skills and knowledge you would need.

On the day you will also receive a free recruitment business start-up kit containing:

  • Accountancy software package – easy to use, full training programme included. This is a professional accounting software that will allow you to simply and easily document and report incoming and outgoing cashflow including sales, receipts, payments and purchases for a single business or multiple
  • Draft business plan – written exclusively for the recruitment industry. By using the employment agency Business Plan for your new venture, you can benefit from years of proven experience of perfecting a business model that contains everything required for you to plan and start a new recruitment
  • Free book How To Start A Home Based Recruitment Agency – this book has been written based on our managing director’s 30 years’ experience of working in the recruitment industry and the knowledge gained from helping hundreds of people to learn the skills

To attend a free workshop contact our recruitment team today on 0800 622 6877 or visit and register your details on our ‘workshop booking form’. We will contact you to discuss the date and location for our next workshop.


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