Taste of success: How we started a restaurant empire

Brothers Thom and James Elliot started Pizza Pilgrims as a street food business and now own five pizzerias across London. So how did they do it?

You'd typically dismiss an idea that comes to you at the pub after a few drinks but, for brothers Thom and James Elliot, they knew that they were onto a winner when they came up with their business idea for Pizza Pilgrims “somewhere between the fourth and fifth pint”…

Having always wanted to get into the food industry but never having had the capital, the Elliots decided to launch a street food venture.

After buying a pizza oven and van using their credit cards, the duo managed to secure a pitch from Westminster Council in Soho costing just a mere £10 a day, and the business has continued to scale from there.

Today, the entrepreneurs are now the proud owners of five pizzerias across London and operate a “ridiculous” three-wheeled van which serves pizzas at events and markets across the country.

According to Thom, the business is now very different to the one the pair started so how did the brothers take a low-cost street food venture and turn it into a restaurant empire?

Discussing everything from the ‘three P's' to “horror show” attempts to do the company's accounts himself, Thom shares all in this exclusive video…

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