Taste of success: How we started a street food business

Grill My Cheese's Nisha Patel and Nishma Chauhan left their office jobs in favour of cheese toasties - So what's running a street food start-up really like?

Who doesn't love a cheese toastie? This was part of Nisha Patel and Nishma Chauhan's thought process when they looked into starting their very own street food business.

Having lived together while working in office jobs which required them to work long hours, Patel and Chauhan discovered a love for toasted cheese sandwiches and would often come up with new and creative flavour combinations based on what was available in their cupboards.

The duo soon came to think that their innovative approach to the humble cheese toastie could have market appeal. Inspired by a trip to America where they noticed how much everyone loved grilled cheese, and with “no-really doing it over here”, the pair's business idea was quickly realised and Grill My Cheese was borne.

In this exclusive video, Patel explains what it's really like to run a street food business, shares challenges faced along the way and, most importantly, gives advice on how to stay on top of finances while running a busy street food market stall.

Did Patel and Chauhan's decision to risk it all and leave their jobs to start a street food business on London's Leather Lane Market pay off? Watch the video to find out…

This film was produced in partnership with Sage. For more business insight and tips to keep on top of cashflow and small business tax visit www.sage.co.uk.  

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