Start-up 101: Making the most of the cloud

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The benefits to cloud computing are endless; from increasing collaboration to improving your ability to work on-the-go. For start-ups, cloud software and applications can help you to grow your business and operate more flexibly without being restricted by costs.

Using the cloud can help your start-up soar but, if you haven’t yet made the move to the cloud, the good news is that we’ve created the ultimate guide to cloud computing to help you better understand the cloud and how your start-up can make the most of cloud technology – and it’s free for you to download.

Covering everything from the simple question of ‘What is cloud computing?’ to questions of security issues in the cloud and how to choose a cloud provider, in this eBook you’ll find everything you need to know to get to grips with the cloud.

You’ll also find advice and information about Sage’s cloud-based applications; tools that can help your start-up profit from greater freedom and flexibility.

We hope you find this eBook useful, and you can check out other eBooks in this series here.

Download now and start making the most of the cloud…


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