Start-up 101: Managing your finances

Download this essential guide to managing cashflow, making more money, chasing payment and understanding the benefits of being a VAT business

Starting a business may be simpler than ever, but managing the finances of your new company remains a challenge.

Without an accounting qualification the idea of budgeting, invoicing, and making sure more money comes in than flows out each month, can be daunting to business owners with no prior experience.

The good news is there are solutions to make life easier, such as outsourcing some of the burden to an accountant and using cloud-based accounting software, but that shouldn’t mean you opt-out entirely.

It’s important to grasp the basics of cashflow, techniques to manage your accounts, how to drum up more business, and the ways in which you can chase payment.

Additionally, becoming a VAT-registered company could be beneficial before it becomes compulsory. It will have a direct impact on your customers and the suppliers you buy from – and therefore managing your finances, which we explore below.

To help you get to grips with the government’s Making Tax Digital initiative, we’ve also included a comprehensive article with everything you need to know about Making Tax Digital and the benefits it can bring to your small business.

We hope you find this guide useful. Download your ebook today to get your business finances on track.


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