Start-up community launched for edtech founders

Co-founded by Gojimo's George Burgess, EdTech Exchange will provide free mentoring and events to edtech start-ups with at least £100,000 funding

The EdTech Exchange, a members-only club for the founders of education technology (edtech) start-ups, has launched today with backing from learning science company McGraw-Hill Education.

Established by young entrepreneur George Burgess – the founder of Gojimo – and Educational App Store founder Justin Smith, the EdTech Exchange is open to edtech businesses that have raised at least £100,000 in finance.

It will look to provide members with mentoring, support, and access to a monthly dinner event under Chatham House rules to discuss issues and gain ideas and feedback.

The Exchange has already attracted 50 members including RefMe, BridgeU and EtonX, and plans to grow to 150 members by the end of the year to become the “largest of its kind in Europe”. recently highlighted edtech as one of the hottest business opportunities for 2016 with the edtech market estimated to grow from £45bn to £129bn by 2020.

Co-founder Burgess commented: “Start-up founders all face similar challenges and it really can be lonely at the top. We founded the Exchange to help bring like-minded entrepreneurs together to support one another.”

To apply to become a member of the EdTech Exchange, click here.


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