Starting a business in Bristol: Wriggle

The "last-minute" mobile app describes what it has learnt from starting up in Bristol and why it's a "perfect test-bed" for a business...

Company name: Wriggle
Founder: Rob Hall
Founded: 2013
Description: Wriggle is mobile-app bringing last-minute offers at hand-picked independent restaurants, bars and events; and helping local businesses fill empty spots on-the-day

What’s great about starting a business in Bristol?

For Wriggle, Bristol is the perfect city. It’s got a thriving independent food and drink scene, it’s a great size to launch a business in since it has a good-sized population but it isn’t unmanageably large, and it has a strong young professional & student population.

When we decided to launch the business, Bristol was the obvious city – not least because we knew it well and it’s a vibrant city in which to live.

What business support in Bristol have you used? How was it?

There’s a strong start-up community in Bristol. We applied to be part of Webstart Bristol, an early stage start-up incubator based in the Engine Shed, Bristol’s new technology hub.

Being part of that, and subsequently the SETsquared accelerator has been a huge help in building a network in Bristol, and provided key support in areas such as recruitment, office-space, legal-help, accounting, design work and mentoring.

Name the top three reasons to set up a business in Bristol:

  1. It’s a dynamic and creative city – people are willing to try and support new things.
  2. Size of the city – it’s a perfect test-bed for a business.
  3. It’s a beautiful place to live – why wouldn’t you want to set up a business here?

Where could Bristol be better / what does it need?

Better internal transport!

How easy has it been to access finance to grow?

There’s a strong angel network in Bristol to support the thriving startup scene and, once you know where to access it, a number of great tools to support small and medium businesses – such as the Regional Growth Fund, local Innovation Vouchers, University funding of interns, and the grads for growth programme.

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Where do you go to network in Bristol?

The Engine Shed and SETsquared are at the route of most start-up networking – providing lots of technology-related events and seminars. The South West Founders meet-up group is a great monthly opportunity to meet like-minded people, and there are also other groups such as the Institute of Directors monthly meet-up.

Where do you take a client for a business lunch?

We work with a whole bunch handpicked independent restaurants and bars, so we’re not short of places.

Where’s great for a company night out?

Hundreds of places! It’s why we came to Bristol – the city has a plethora of amazing independent restaurants and bars. We’d probably end up somewhere along the Gloucester Road or Stokes Croft.


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