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Starting a business in Canterbury: Club Burrito

A supportive local council and positive, vibrant start-up atmosphere are a few of the advantages to Canterbury according to the burrito bar founder

Company name: Club Burrito
Founder: Ruth Linklater and Luciano Serrano
Founded: 2013
Description: Burrito bar serving Mexican food and cocktails 

What’s great about starting a business in Canterbury?

One of the best things about starting a business in Canterbury is it has a very positive approach to start-ups; virtually every single council team or authority we made contact with were helpful and understanding – and we know this is not common everywhere!

What business support in Canterbury have you used? How was it?

There is specific business support in Canterbury from local council (e.g. Start My Biz and the Local Economy Team at Canterbury City Council and also huge help from Kent County Council).  Even the notorious area of Environmental Health and inspections was done so professionally and efficiently and was extremely helpful.

Name the top three reasons to set up a business in Canterbury:

  1. Clear and up to date visitor profile – lots of visitors from many different countries makes it an interesting city!
  2. Good premises quality and relatively decent pricing
  3. There is already a huge variety of businesses in Canterbury which means it is very open minded to new ideas

Where could Canterbury be better / what does it need?

It could have better, connected marketing approaches especially for small independent businesses who do not have the marketing budgets of huge multinationals.

How easy has it been to access finance to grow?

Absolutely fine; we already had experience and a stable, funded business plan so that probably made it a little easier for us.  However I understand that the environment is more and more positive to new businesses as long as they are well planned and detailed – as the Government is always trying to boost employment and jobs.

Where do you go to network in Canterbury?

Online and occasional network meetings (though with a nine month old baby face to face meetings prove challenging; though he did join me to one the other day!)

Where do you take a client for a business lunch?

Depends on who it is but if they like burritos, obviously we they do then we bring them to our place as it has good food, cocktails and bright atmosphere. However for a fabulous coffee, there are two coffee shops I love called ‘KITCH’ and ‘Burgate Coffee House’ as they are both so passionate about their coffee.


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