Starting a business in Leicester: Notebits

Incubate Leicester spin-out start-up Notebits explains what it's like to start a business in the West Midlands hub "rich with events for developers and tech start-ups"...

Company name: Notebits
Founder: Roman Goj
Founded: 2014
Description: Notebits is a flexible information management platform.

What’s great about starting a business in Leicester?

Our team formed after a Startdom Weekend at Incubate Leicester, which was an amazing event, well-attended by great, talented people. West Midlands is rich with events for developers and tech start-ups like the Google Developers Group, which recently created in Leicester.

What business support in Leicester have you used? How was it?

We’re now working with Incubate Leicester. The Startdom Weekend was instrumental in the creation of our team, as were the Lean Startup meetups which are both organised Leicester.

Name the top three reasons to set up a business in Leicester:

  1. Vibrant tech start-up communities
  2. New initiatives continue to be introduced to attract people and help them come together to work on interesting problems, fostering an attitude of growth
  3. Easy commuter access to multiple events across West Midlands

Where could Leicester be better / what does it need?

Existing businesses and software development agencies rarely participate in developer and start-up meetups so perhaps more coverage of the tech start-up scene in local media would encourage the sharing of expertise between existing businesses and new start-ups.

How easy has it been to access finance to grow?

We are in the process of requesting financing through the infrastructure of Incubate Leicester. The process seems straightforward.

Where do you go to network in Leicester?

The organisers of virtually all events (including the Startdom Weekend and Google Developers Group events mentioned above) take care to advertise them on, making it easy to discover new events. The most important events are organised by Leicester Lean Startups.

Where do you take a client for a business lunch?

Kayal, a southern Indian Restaurant, would be the best place to take a customer for lunch. Also, Bru is great for a coffee. However, most of our meetings are held in Incubate, where the coffee and atmosphere is also great!

Where’s great for a company night out?

Kayal, again, would be my personal choice – good food and environment. City Profile button


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