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Starting a business in Liverpool: Studio Mashbo

The Merseyside digital agency informs start-ups about the city's networking events and what is being done to help the city's creative and digital entrepreneurs

Company name: Studio Mashbo
Founder: Gavin Sherratt, Steve Todd and Liam Potter 
Founded: 2011
Description: A digital development company that focus on creating online software, problem solving and business-streamlining web applications and mobile and tablet responsive websites

What’s great about starting a business in Liverpool?

A great thing about Liverpool is it's great focus on supporting entrepreneurs from all sectors. There is a community of like-minded individuals who are always open to share advice or tales of the mistakes they have learnt from.

What business support in Liverpool have you used? How was it?

When we first started John Moores University's Centre for Entrepreneurship was a great source of business support for learning the practice side of business. The creative and digital sector has the support of ACME/Kin2Kin to assist the growth of knowledge-sharing with our peers, but also connecting us to a wider audience for both knowledge and business growth.

Name the top three reasons to set up a business in Liverpool:

  1. Liverpool is a city that is on a positive upward curve.
  2. It has an active business community who aren't afraid to take risks.
  3. People who are open to being disruptive in their marketplaces.

Where could Liverpool be better / what does it need?

Liverpool needs to improve its connectivity, for our sector to grow the broadband infrastructure needs to improve. This goes for all sectors that are digitally engaged.

How easy has it been to access finance to grow?

There's a great network of funding opportunities within the city, with a number of organisations offering support. We also have a very passionate bootstrapped, lean culture within the city that is focused on getting it right before opening – creating that financial head space.

Where do you go to network in Liverpool?

As a part of Studio Mashbo's proactive outlook we have created our own networking events. Our monthly “Developer Breakfast” get together and “Creative Kitchen” residency – as part of IFB 2014 – focus on our wider digital and creative sector coming together.

For wider cross-sector networking there is something happening everyday of the week in Liverpool. But we also attend networking and knowledge sharing events in Manchester and London.

Where do you take a client for a business lunch?

Duke Street Espresso and Leaf are regular meeting venues for the Mashbo team, whilst for lunch meetings there's Unit 51 at Baltic Creative and Bakchich in the centre city are great places to meet.

Where’s great for a company night out?

In Liverpool we're quite lucky with our selection of bars and places to go. Constellations and Camp & Furnace are both great for group drinking, but at the moment we're drawn to Berry & Rye for the laid back, late night whiskey – away from the crowded bars of the city centre.


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