Starting a business in Newcastle: Reframed

Newcastle's "SoundCloud for video" start-up explains how the city can help new businesses and where you can go to get advice...

Company name: Reframed
Founders: Jo York and Kev Price
Founded: September 2013
Description: Reframed allows people to comment on share and discuss specific moments of video. It’s available on our site and as an embeddable version that can be added to any website, bring in the conversation around the video. We’ve been described as “second-chance Twitter”, “Pinterest for moments in video” and “SoundCloud for video”.

What’s great about starting a business in Newcastle?

People always make a place and, of course nothing gets done without them. Newcastle has a fantastic start-up and tech community of people happy to provide mentoring, introductions and support. Whenever we’ve come across a situation we’re unfamiliar with, or could do with some advice, there’s always been someone who’s been happy to offer some advice.

What business support in the city have you used? How was it? 

The support for business is generally very good in the North East. Campus North is a great place to have a start-up, literally surrounded by the community. We’ve been very lucky with recruitment so far too, we’ve met two of our team members at Startup beers – a monthly event that brings us all together.

Campus North has attracted a wealth of business support who understand the needs of a small start-up, so we haven’t had to spend time finding the right suppliers ourselves.

Name the top three reasons to set up a business here:

  1. Newcastle has a great history of culture. For live music you’re spoilt for choice, from your unplugged nights, through chart hits to the more traditional folk and classical at the sage. There’s often citywide events on, like the annual “late shows” where the entire city becomes a free culture crawl.
  2. Even in the centre of the city, you’re never far away from the stunning Northumberland countryside or beaches, if you want to see a different view.
  3. There’s always something to-do no matter your budget, age or taste.

Where could Newcastle be better / what does it need? 

Better travel links!

Reframed offices

Reframed offices

How easy has it been to access finance to grow?

So far we’ve mostly been funded by institutional investors. Our experience of banks has not been great, the decisions feel algorithmic decided and not suited to our kind of business. There are networks of angel investors and we’ve met many investors from outside the region that are excited about the companies here.

Where do you go to network in the city? 

Campus North is great hub of activity. Newcastle’s social media activity is pretty active and there are loads of events and meet- ups throughout the city.

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Where do you take a client for a business lunch/ meeting? 

Theses load of great places to eat, we’ve had lots of meeting in Nudo a Japanease restaurant, which is usually a hit. For quicker meetings Pink Lane coffee is usually full of the tech community getting their speciality caffeine fix. Malmasion on the quayside is a good place to meet for more formal meetings.

Where’s great for a company night out? 

Our next team night out will be hipster bowling at Lane 7. The food is great, the interior has been shortlisted for awards and if you don’t win at the bowling, you can always finish the night in the karaoke room.


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