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Starting a business in the UK: Map

The top regions to start, run and grow a business in the UK

Discover the hottest start-up cities from around the UK.

Whilst London is undoubtedly a fantastic place to start a business, it’s also expensive – and although the capital offers an abundance of business support, there are an increasing number of regional start-up hubs offering specialised expertise, low start-up costs and a plethora of employable talent.

From a growing tech scene in the peaceful and picturesque Swansea to unparalleled access to natural resources in Aberdeen, the start-up cities below all offer unique advantages to budding start-ups.

Whether you’re thinking of relocating to launch your business, want to find out more about your current local area, or you’re interested in making regional connections and need to find the best fit for your business, take a look at each exciting area…

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