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StartUp Britain launches 2015 UK bus tour

Intended to support those looking to start a business, the bus will visit 25 locations including Liverpool, Glasgow and Bristol

Nationwide enterprise campaign StartUp Britain is relaunching its 2015 nationwide bus tour, with plans to visit 25 locations across the country and engage with 15,000 established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2011, the campaign looks to celebrate, inspire and accelerate entrepreneurship in the UK by promoting and championing the support available for those wishing to start a business.

Funded by sponsors Upwork, NatWest, Sage and the Start Up Loans Company, the scheme also claims to act as a voice for small business in government.

Starting in Canary Wharf on June 22, the bus tour will cover all major cities including Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh, before finishing in Inverness on August 7.



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