HonestBrew launches fund to boost independent UK breweries

£50,000 every year will be made available to help small UK breweries buy essential equipment, paying HonsetBrew back in beer

HonestBrew, the Startups 100-featured online craft beer retailer, has announced the launch of a fund to support independent UK breweries.

The HonestBrew Brewery Investment Fund will commit £50,000 every year to numerous breweries, enabling them to buy essential brewing and packaging equipment to help them grow.

The breweries will then pay HonestBrew – a finalist for Retail Business of the Year at the Startups Awards 2015 – back in the beer they produce, which the retailer will sell through its online shop and craft beer subscription service.

To be eligible for the fund, breweries must be existing suppliers of HonestBrew, independently owned and use the funds for new equipment or as capital expenditure.

The first brewery to receive funding from the fund was Cornwall’s Verdant Brewing Co. It will use the £20,000 to buy new fermentation tanks and reach more customers across the country.

Founded in 2012 by Andrew Reeve, Annabel Causer, Craig Willmott and Timothy Armstrong, HonestBrew sells more than 500 beers from around the world, delivering direct to homes, workplaces and trade.

It also operates a craft beer subscription service that matches beers to customers’ tastes.

Reeve commented: “We’ve been vocal about supporting independent breweries in the past; now it’s time for us to put our money where our mouth is.

“The HonestBrew Investment Fund will not only contribute to the growth of independent breweries, but it will also ensure our customers are getting more of the beers they love.”

Adam Robertson, of Verdant Brewing Co., said: “The HonestBrew investment fund is quite simply a no-brainer. We get to increase our capacity and upscale our business, and they get to have the beer they want available to their customers.

“Plus, without this fund we wouldn’t be looking to upscale at this current rate, we really can’t thank the HonestBrew team enough.”

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