Startups 100 winner Social Chain celebrates viral success of ‘Welcome to Zlatan’ campaign

Social media marketing agency behind the digital billboard that read "Manchester: Welcome to Zlatan" and reached 46 million people worldwide

Social Chain, the social media marketing agency featured in the 12th spot in the Startups 100 2016, has revealed it was behind the viral “Manchester: Welcome to Zlatan” billboard that reached 46 million people worldwide on July 1.

The recent campaign, a play on the “Welcome to Manchester” billboard that Manchester City displayed after signing Carlos Tevez in 2009, featured an image of Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrating a goal.

It made headlines in major sporting media including ESPN and Sky Sports and engaged Twitter users across the UK, Europe, USA, South Amercia, Asia and South Africa.

Launched in November 2014 by young entrepreneurs Steven Bartlett and Dominic McGregor, Social Chain says it has become one of the largest agencies of its kind in Europe and has offices in Manchester, London, and Berlin.

The company works with social influencers in the UK to control online conversations and generate campaigns for its clients; which have included Spotify, Microsoft, ASOS, and Disney.

It claims to be able to make anything the number one trending topic on Twitter within 30 minutes; as evidenced by a recent meme-based ad-campaign with an on-demand delivery business which quickly went viral.

Bartlett said of the ‘Zlatan’ campaign: “With a strong knowledge of the sporting landscape on Twitter, we soon realised that there was an opportunity to capture the excitement of Manchester and United fans, playing on the city’s well known ‘Welcome to Manchester’ billboard.

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“As strong advocates of the power of social media to share a message beyond it’s physical space, we knew that the billboard would have no trouble reaching the whole of Manchester, the UK and beyond”.


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