Startups supporting free regional business seminars

Businesses looking to take advantage of the recovering economy can now attend a series of regional advice and networking events.

The regional business events are aimed at helping owner-mangers or budding entrepreneurs make the most of current market conditions.

The Barclays Business Springboard Seminars, run in conjunction with Business Link, HMRC, ACCA, NFEA, the Intellectual Property Office and, will provide expert advice and inspiration for those looking to diversify or get a new business idea off the ground.

Touring the UK from next month, the events will offer free advice on everything from business planning to finance, sales, marketing and IP.

Delegates will also be encouraged to network and share experiences with local entrepreneurs and will have the chance to hear from business experts including René Carayol, who has held senior positions at Pepsi and IPC, and Steve Cooper, MD of Barclays Business.

René Carayol said: “One never has to tell entrepreneurs when the time is right. The entrepreneurs I know would say, ‘the time is always right to do what is right’. That usually means growth. These seminars will be all about channelling that energy in the right direction.”

The Barclays Business Springboard Seminars are running in the following regions:

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