Startups Top 20 taxitop advertising company signs deal with Verifone Media

Partnership to enable roll-out of Eyetease’s disruptive digital media format

The taxitop ‘digital billboard’ business Eyetease Ltd has announced a deal with one of the leading taxi advertisers, Verifone Media.

Founded in 2010 and launched in January 2012 by Richard Corbett, Eyetease specialises in a technology named iTaxitop, an advanced advertising medium that integrates bright screen technology with 3G and GPS to deliver video adverts from the rooftops of taxis.

Adverts can be specifically tailored based on location and time of day, offering businesses a flexible and targeted platform.

Having recently developed the technology to provide broadcasts of real-time news stories, public information and transport updates, Eyetease’s partnership with the major advertising company is set to lead the way for the launch of the iTaxitop in London this summer.

The deal follows various successes for the technology firm, having been listed in Startups Top 20 and Startups 100 as well as featuring in Lord Young’s list of the 250 fastest growing businesses within the UK.

Commenting on the deal Corbett said:

“It’s an honour to work with the global leaders in taxi media. Verifone’s experience, network, and reputation in the industry is second to none and I’m thrilled to be working with them.”

VP and general manager of Verifone Taxi and Media Solutions, Mark Roberts added:

“The iTaxitop is a game changer in the outdoor media market, bringing the power of online to an offline environment.”


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