Sticky Marketing

Why everything in marketing has changed and what to do about it

Grant Leboff Kogan Page RRP £16.99

To order, attract and more importantly hold on to customers, businesses need to learn to become ‘sticky’, says author and founder of Sticky Marketing Club Ltd Grant Leboff. In Sticky Marketing he takes into account why and how the world of marketing has changed, what this means for business, and which of those are likely to succeed.

According to Leboff, marketing is no longer about sending a message, rather is about building a conversation – and giving people something to talk about. Leboff explains how our methods of communication have evolved: “Before the internet, the major forms of communication – print, radio, cinema and television – left the public as passive receivers of information.”

However, he goes on to explain how dramatic this shift has been in changing how companies now sell their products and services: “Today, all consumers have a voice, and many exercise it on a regular basis. Having been empowered, customers now expect to be involved.” This fundamental change has according to Leboff turned us all into ‘marketers’ as the ability to communicate our preferences are now boundless thanks to the internet. What marketers need to do to succeed in today’s world, according to Leboff, is provide experiences which engage the customer over a longer period of time.


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