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Ways to make money from your tech business idea

From SaaS and freemium to commission and white label, there's more revenue models for digital businesses than ever. We dissect 10 of the best

There was a time when e-commerce did little more than replicate the tried-and-trusted retail model.

Whether buying an airline ticket, an insurance policy or a notebook computer, the customer browsed through the store, selected a product and paid upfront with a card. In other words, a simple, one-off transaction in which money was exchanged for a product or service.

Compare and contrast with the proliferation of business models in today's online marketplace. A small business can still buy payroll software as a download or on a disc but is just as likely to rent it as a service delivered from remote servers. A shopper or late-night reveller can still hail a taxi from a street corner or book a mini-cab by phone but might prefer to arrange a cost-splitting share via a free app. Meanwhile, streamed music is fast replacing the download, which in turn replaced the CD.

And in the face of these evolving business models, new revenue strategies are also required. Businesses must not only create great products and services but also payment solutions that appeal to their customers.

We've looked at some of the most successful and widely used strategies.

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