Study reveals majority of recent mothers considering setting up in business

Work-life balance and childcare costs amongst pull factors for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship represents an increasingly attractive option for the mothers of young children, according to a recent study which claims two-thirds of mums are considering starting a business from home.

A poll of 721 mothers with children under 10 commissioned by insurer Direct Line for Business also found that nearly half of respondents (49%) believed they would be financially better off if they started a business from home.

Broken down by motivation, a fifth of mothers said they were considering starting a job from home to spend more time with their children, whilst a sixth cited prohibitive childcare costs as the primary reason.

The poll results overwhelmingly showed that lifestyle factors were the driving reasons behind the surge of interest in entrepreneurship, with just one per cent of respondents motivated by the fact they were unhappy in their current job.

Recent figures released by the Family and Childcare Trust estimated full-time childcare costs at £11,700 for two children, and Direct Line for Business said that this high cost was driving many mothers to seek alternative sources of income.

Jazz Gakhal, head of Direct Line for Business, said: “The costs of sending a child to day care, or hiring a nanny continue to spiral.

“It’s great to see that mums are tackling this problem with such an entrepreneurial spirit, as they understand considerable child care cost savings can be made by running a business from home.”


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