“Superbug killing” company Destiny Pharma secures £2.8m for new clinical trial

Angel CoFund leads round in XF-73 drug which looks to combat SA and MRSA hospital infections

Pharmaceutical firm Destiny Pharma has raised £2.8m in a round led by government-backed angel network the Angel CoFund to support a “landmark” clinical trial of its lead drug XF-73; a treatment which aims to prevent post-surgical infections.

Founded in 1997, Brighton-based“superbug killing” company Destiny Pharma focuses on the research and development (R&D) of new antimicrobial drugs which look to combat bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.

Its drug XF-73 has been created to tackle one of the most common causes of post-surgical infections; Staphylococcus aureus (SA), and is a nasal treatment which looks to clear the SA bacteria from the nostrils of carriers. It has “proved effective” for killing both SA and its drug-resistant form, MRSA.

The deal, which also saw participation from a number of UK investors, will go towards the development and global commercialisation of the XF drug.

Destiny Pharma CEO, Dr Bill Love, commented:

“XF-73 has the potential to become a mainstream treatment for the prevention of SA/MRSA hospital infections and its unique feature of addressing antibiotic resistance can enable the widespread delivery of global patient decolonisation. We look forward to the next stages of developing this drug and to enabling its use in hospitals.”

Tim Mills, Angel CoFund investment director, added: “Destiny Pharma is exactly the type of business we look to invest in; it is innovative, British and cutting edge in the medical field.

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“This round of investment is for Destiny Pharma’s new drug that will kill bacteria via a novel ultra-rapid kill action – designed to even combat antibiotic resistance.”


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