Survival of the quickest: Start-ups believe they must evolve to survive

86% of business owners believe their sector will have “fundamentally changed” by 2021 due to digital disruption

44% of entrepreneurs believe that digital disruption, within their sector, means their business won’t exist in its current form by 2021 – according to a report by Fujitsu.

The survey of 1,180 European entrepreneurs revealed that 92% of respondents believe that their enterprise must evolve to succeed –  with 61% citing digital disruption as the biggest challenge they currently face.

86% of those surveyed believe their sector will “fundamentally change” by 2021, with a further 86% believing their firm needs to move faster to stay relevant in an increasingly digitalized world

Lucy Dimes, chief executive of Fujitsu UK & Ireland, said:

“Digital disruption is a huge challenge – no question. But businesses cannot bury their heads in the sand because digital is not only a powerful force, it’s unstoppable.

“The truth is that organisations need help to realise the potential of digital. The ability to pool knowledge, ideas and resources with a technology partner is a vital capability.

If all digital stakeholders work together to navigate through this disruption, businesses will not be overrun by digital, or outrun by competitors, they will forge ahead, innovating and prospering to reap all the benefits the digital age offers.”

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