Company Details

Company: TakeLegalAdvice.com Based: London Website : www.takelegaladvice.com Users : 100,000 plus unique users per month
Who are you?

Mark Wyatt, chief executive officer of TakeLegalAdvice.com which was launched in April this year to help businesses find the right legal advice

What do you do?

TakeLegalAdvice.com is a free and fully confidential law firm search and comparison site, allowing users to search the UK market for the most suitable firm for their legal needs. Not only does it provide a shortlist of suitable firms (based on the user’s profile, location and needs) but provides responses from law firms on how they would handle the case and an estimate on costs.

What does this mean in practice?

Users create confidential profiles of their businesses and detail their needs and price limitations. These are then matched with law firms that pay an annual fee to be listed on the site and are able to update their profiles online. There is no obligation to use any of the firms shortlisted, and your identity is not given to the firm, unless you decide to release your details, and even then these are kept confidential from other users on the site. Users can discuss the problem before revealing their details allowing them to carefully find the services they need. For users the service is free of charge and can be done within 48 hours and from the convenience of their computer. There are also user ratings, a free forum where you can share problems with other users and a panel of legal experts, as well as a variety of information including lawyer profiles, articles written and the latest legal news.

What size company suits you?

The site is used by all sizes of companies from small and medium-sized businesses to those listed on AIM to Plcs.

Why should I care?

It could save your business a lot of time and money. It also reduces the risk of using the wrong type of lawyer or law firm. Either of these things can lead to the wrong advice and fees you cannot afford. However, now at the click of a button, you can check what is available quickly and efficiently.

What can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?

There are over 400 law firms and over 10,000 lawyers registered on the site that we can put you in touch with. The alternative is your personal contacts, or looking up firms in directories and from adverts, having to call and attend meetings to understand what is available, and then having to run a form of comparison from the information you can gather. This is an expensive and time-consuming process, and if not done correctly could prove expensive both in bills but also in the consequences of acting on incorrect advice.

What mistakes will you prevent me making?

TakeLegalAdvice.com can help you understand what is available in the UK. Also, we will be launching internationally. Businesses that need legal advice are often moving into new territories. Employment is a big one for a lot of businesses and the prospect of a tribunal can be quite frightening. Having the right legal advice and being able to receive feedback online direct from lawyers can be very useful.

How else will you save me money?

Winning or losing a legal case can be the difference between a business surviving or not.

Give me an example of one business you’ve worked with this year.

We do not disclose client details but without naming names a good example is a small business that found its patent was being infringed. The patent was for its only product, so it would have collapsed without legal help, especially as the other company was much larger. In such cases the one that has the most money to spend usually wins. However, it was able to find a good law firm through us and that case is now proceeding well.

Why should I trust you?

The site is fully confidential and operates on a SSL server, providing users with a secure log-in account for viewing law firm responses. Also, as a former director of Centaur, I was behind the launch of Legal Week and I have been involved in legal publishing and working with law firms for the last 20 years.


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