Tanning salons see steep decline in business as UK public shuns ‘WAG look’

New data shows number of salons dropped by a third last year

Tanning salons across the UK are seeing a steep decline in business, with the number of salons dropping by 29% as consumers opted for more natural and healthy options, new data has shown. The figures, based on 750,000 quote requests received by UK business insurer Simply Business, suggest the decline in salons is linked to a wider trend shunning artificial tanning products in favour of more natural options, as sales of off-the-shelf fake tanning products also dropped by 20.8% in value and 12.7% by volume in 2012. Simply Business attributed this trend to precedents set by influential celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicola Roberts who have been proponents of a more ‘natural’ look. Jason Stockwood, chief executive of Simply Business, said: “Business trends frequently mirror those seen in popular culture, often leading to a rapid boost in related businesses, followed by a decline as fads fall out of fashion. “The apparent fall in tanning salons would appear to be following a similar pattern, as consumers set their sights on the latest look modelled by their favourite celebrities. It is also possible that increased awareness of potential health risks is playing a part.”


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