Teach Yourself: Avoid Legal Pitfalls for Small Businesses

A guide to negotiating the legal minefields faced by small businesses

Bevans Solicitors

From choosing the right legal structure for your business, to dealing with tardy overseas debtors, this book gives you guidance on all stages of starting a company, through the eyes of a seasoned lawyer.

Readers will be guided through common legal processes such as registering their company name, advertising vacancies, handling maternity leave and making redundancies. In addition to these everyday concerns, the book covers a plethora of additional regulations, everything from asbestos and contaminated land to the latest rules on bribery.

The book has been penned by Bevans Solicitors – a company which, like many of those it represents, is a small business, with all the joys and stresses that entails. The authors’ empathy is conveyed in simple, practical language; all key terms and concepts are explained at length, without bombarding or patronising the reader. And the book is only 160 pages long – in fact you could read it from cover to cover on the train to your next meeting.

If you’re about to negotiate the legal minefields faced by small businesses, and don’t have tons of money to splash on a specialist solicitor, this book provide the valuable introduction you’re looking for.

Published by Teach Yourself.


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