Teacher migrates to UK to become Tutor Doctor franchisee

Matt Kerr is the new owner of the chain's Bath franchise and plans to transfer his classroom skills to tutoring

Multi-national tutoring franchise Tutor Doctor has attracted a new recruit all the way from Australia to start up in the UK.

New franchisee Matt Kerr says he became disillusioned with the ‘bureaucracy’ and ‘red tape’ of classroom teaching in Australia and decided to join the tutoring chain.

He has been running his franchise in Bath since November 2015 after moving back to the country with his wife and three children.

Founded in 2000, Tutor Doctor aims to be provide a “better solution” for children who are struggling with school, beyond more schooling.

With franchisees in Canada and the US, the chain has steadily gained traction in the UK and now has over 45 franchisees nationwide with franchise packages starting from £29,700.

On his decision to migrate back to the UK to become a franchisee, Kerr said: “I love education but I couldn’t face going back to teaching here in the UK. I knew it was time for a change and I just didn’t want to look back at the age of 70 and think, ‘oh I wish I’d have done something for myself when I had the chance’. You hear of that so often don’t you?

“I had no idea about franchising. To be honest I was just trying to work out what skills I had that were transferrable. When I came across the concept I felt like I’d hit the nail on the head. As I had no business knowledge myself I could see that this was my vehicle to owning a business.”

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To learn more about Tutor Doctor’s franchise opportunities, click here.


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  1. That’s great! I’m just wondering when classroom teaching will transform into something closer to online tutoring? I mean, it’s great that everybody can have access to education online, but it’s not really the same like being in the classroom, am I right?