Tech firm secures £6m to launch ‘3D holographic radar’

Aveillant backed by group of investors following successful trials in USA and Scotland

A firm that has developed a new 3D holographic radar today announced it has secured up to £6m funding to support the commercial roll-out of its product.

Founded in 2011 as a spin-off from veteran radar specialist Cambridge Consultants, Aveillant has been developing a radar system intended to help air traffic controllers pinpoint exactly where a plane is in 3D space, without the need for pilot co-operation.

Its 3D Holographic Radar underwent what the firm called a “hugely successful” trial in the USA and Scotland last year and will now be released commercially for the first time following Aveillant’s £6m funding boost.

Existing investors ESB Novusmodus, DFJ Esprit and former parent company Cambridge Consultants all participated in the round.

David Crisp, chief executive of Aveillant, said in a statement: “We have now proven that Holographic Radar™ technology has provided the largest performance improvement in surveillance radars for many decades.

“This has been confirmed through analysis by independent aviation experts and we are now about to launch our new product range that provides this same high level performance at much longer range, with 360  coverage.”

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