Tech Pitch: BillFront

By providing faster and smarter alternative financing solutions, this clever fintech start-up aims to help digital media businesses accelerate

Company name: BillFront
Founder: Christopher Vogt (29)
Background: Vogt is the co-founder and Managing Director of BillFront. He has extensive experience in digital media and financial services and was previously global head of marketing at Applift, a major demand-side platform in Germany, and resident entrepreneur at Team Europe Ventures (the company builder behind unicorn Delivery Hero).
Based in: London and Berlin
Launched: 2015

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

BillFront provides a new way for digital media companies to avoid the industry’s lengthy payment terms – which can sometimes be up to 120 days – and get faster access to their media revenues.

As programmatic buying rises within the digital advertising industry, BillFront can help media companies keep on top of their finances, while also simplifying the entire payment process.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

BillFront is a new kind of alternative finance. We have merged fintech with adtech to create a data-driven risk management methodology, providing digital media businesses with an alternative to factoring companies.

Our algorithm automatically analyses if and to what extent a digital media company is eligible for financing. This technology connects directly to media companies’ invoicing systems and approves them for financing. BillFront frees up working capital much quicker, enabling these companies to accelerate their growth.

Is BillFront funded?

Yes, we successfully completed an integrated debt and equity Series A funding round worth $35m (£27m) in December.

Investors included 4finance, a global leader in online and mobile financing solutions to consumers and NIBC Bank Deutschland, a leading provider of structured finance solutions in Europe, as well as existing investor FinLeap, an independent fintech company builder.

We will be using the Series A funding to expand the company further, to support its fast-growing customer needs as well as to continue the development of its proprietary technology and the acquisition of new talent.

What were you doing before you started BillFront?

Before starting BillFront I was previously Global Head of Marketing at Applift, a major demand-side platform in Germany, and resident entrepreneur at Team Europe Ventures (the company builder behind unicorn Delivery Hero).

I have worked in the adtech industry for a number of years and have experienced the working capital pain points first hand. Many people in the industry regularly discuss the painful process of securing traditional financing for their working capital. Banks can take up to six months to make an offer, or they can’t offer any finance at all because of the fast-growth of companies in the industry and the risk associated with it.

What’s the best thing about being based in London and Berlin?

We currently have two offices, one in London and one in Berlin. We’ve chosen these locations for multiple reasons; the main ones being that London is a very interesting market for our business model, and Berlin attracts the talent and co-workers that we are aiming to work with due to its burgeoning tech scene and the cheaper cost of living.

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