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Tech Pitch: Bomb Petite

Tapping into a market that's anything but small, this platform is giving petite women a place to buy perfectly fitting clothes and share #shortgirlproblems...

Company name: Bomb Petite
Founder: Jenny Liu (28)
Background: Liu is a Taiwanese American who left Asia and launched a fashion career in London, working for international brands including Burberry, Agent Provocateur and AllSaints. She speaks three Chinese dialects and is learning Hebrew.
Based in: London
Launched: Online magazine launched in 2014, shopping platform launched in November 2016

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  • Bomb Petite is the global fashion destination for petite women, those of us who are five foot four inches or 163cm and under.
  • We put the joy into getting dressed by creating and curating the most sophisticated premium fashion, seamlessly blended with up-to-the-minute styling inspiration and advice.
  • Serving as a one-stop-shop for petite women, we are an online fashion marketplace featuring styles from independent designers as well as from our in-house line.
  • It’s a community for like-minded, clothes-obsessed petites in which they can browse, shop and connect through their shared #shortgirlproblems.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

Over 86 million UK and US women fall into the petite size category; 50% of the population is actually under five foot four.

Whilst half of these women are petite, at present there’s no singular destination for them to shop independent designer fashion, get down-to-earth styling advice and consume telling-it-to-a-friend editorial content.

It’s not a niche market, but actually a market-miss with a need that’s yet to be properly tapped in to. If you wear a size 10 on your feet, you wouldn’t be offered to shop a size 11 and just manage, such as by wearing thicker socks. So clothing should be no different.

Is Bomb Petite funded?

At the moment Bomb Petite is self-funded.

What were you doing before you started Bomb Petite?

Before launching the Bomb Petite shopping platform, I was involved with a number of high profile projects at well-known fashion brands.

I first entered into the world of e-commerce at Agent Provocateur. Then, during my tenure as new business development manager for AllSaints, I played a pivotal role in launching the brand’s debut handbag collection, delivering a well-considered offering to coincide with the retailer’s global expansion.

Prior to that, I formed part of Burberry’s digital merchandising team as the luxury brand blazed its e-commerce trail.

I founded Bomb Petite after spotting a gap in the market with both business-focused and uniquely personal (I myself am petite) insights.

What’s the best thing about being based in London?

In London, there is a growing community of female-led start-ups, offering one another support, networking and advice.

With over 40% of our customers coming from the US, being based in the UK also has the unique advantage of being associated with a British and European sense of creativity. London is the centre of fashion, business and innovation in Europe so it’s inspiring to be based at the heart of that energy.

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