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Tech Pitch: BookingLive

The founder of the booking software platform discusses taking on competition, growing organically and the benefits of being based in Bristol...

Company name: BookingLive
Founder: Vinnie Morgan (31)
Background: Morgan founded a full-service design agency before noticing a gap in the market and launching Booking Live
Based in: Bristol

Very simply, what does your tech start-up do?

  • BookingLive supplies online booking software to six main sectors: local government, leisure management, activities & tours, courses & events, resource management and education & health.
  • We provide the most flexible booking software solutions to each of our clients, with a strong focus on usability and customer experience. Not only do our clients have access to seamless booking management with BookingLive,our clients' customers also receive the best booking journey possible.
  • This year we launched the latest version of BookingLive software, V3. Our product roadmap has been driven by client feedback and market research, meaning we are now an international market leader in online booking software development.

Tell us why there’s a need – what do you disrupt?

We started developing booking software as we noticed there was a gap in the market for an enterprise solution. Nowadays there are hundreds of free booking platforms and a number of custom-made options available to businesses. We aim to provide the most flexible and customisable off-the-shelf solution out there, to enable businesses with the flexibility they want without charging a fortune.

Our software also provides businesses with the ability to run their booking and their business from one centralised system which can be accessed from anywhere. Alongside this, we offer additional features including mobile responsive website design and SEO management. We also pride ourselves on offering features which no other booking software does, including an in-built CMS page editor. This allows our clients to edit their website and booking pages within the same place as they manage their bookings.

Are you funded?

We received a £40,000 grant in 2014, but outside of this we are fully self-sufficient and fund our own growth.

What were you doing before starting?

Founder Vinnie Morgan started his entrepreneurial adventure aged 13, leaving his £7 per week paper round to sell sweets in school. From this venture, he made £250 per week with an 80% profit margin. Since then his career in design and development flourished and he was recognised as a leader in the industry and featured in publications and the press for his work.

During university, Morgan continued to build a respectable client base through freelance projects that included Vodafone and BBC. During his MSc he set up a full-service design agency before transitioning from service to product and successfully launching BookingLive. BookingLive has recently worked with prestigious clients, including BBC, BAKU 2015 Olympic Games and Transport for London.

Morgan has deep expertise developing market, sales and product strategies, business management, business operations, product innovation and driving cutting-edge user experiences.

What’s the best thing about where you’re based?

The fact that Bristol is now the second largest tech cluster in the UK means there are loads of opportunities for networking, as well as meaning we have access to recruiting highly talented individuals who specialise in tech and digital.

As our office is situated a 15 minute walk from Temple Meads, transportation links are fantastic if we need to visit clients or if they need to visit us.


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