Tech Pitch: Curated Digital

Founded by an ex-Googler, this digital agency has achieved 100% growth in 2016 by evolving SEO "beyond old fashioned spammy tactics"...

Company name: Curated Digital
Founder: Simon Douglass (40)
Background: Prior to Curated, Douglass worked for Google, medium-sized digital agencies, and also worked briefly as a stand-up comedian.
Based in: Old Street, London (Otherwise known as Silicon Roundabout)
Launched: July 2014

Very simply, what does your start-up do?

Curated Digital is an open and honest digital marketing agency; our signature ‘Curated’ approach focuses on our client’s goals rather than individual channels working in silo.

We’re a digital marketing agency with expertise in organic search, content marketing, paid advertising, and social media marketing. Our clients come from a broad spectrum of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) industries.

​We create digital strategies that work cross-channel, whether that’s traffic driving, e-commerce, brand awareness, or lead generation.

Tell us why there is a need – what did you disrupt?

We have developed a unique approach to servicing our clients and, rather than have different disciplines working in silo (i.e. Pay Per Click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, content), we all work together as a team towards our client’s goal.

In addition, we’ve evolved SEO beyond old fashioned spammy tactics into a more complete service offering that is built from a traditional SEO approach such as keyword research but this then evolves into an editorial process where we write content to match the need of our client’s target audience.

Is your start-up funded?

No, I bootstrapped the company using my life savings.

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What were you doing before you started Curated Digital?

Before launching Curated, I worked as a global account manager at Google for seven years. My role involved working with agencies that were managing advertising for Google through their clients.

However, after seven years – with a brief year out to pursue my dream of being a stand-up comedian – I got bored and wanted to make the move towards agency side. After doing this for a while, I decided I didn’t want to be told what to do anymore and set about forming Curated.

What’s the best thing about being based at Old Street?

It’s quite a central location which makes meeting clients easy. The area itself has a somewhat ‘start-up’ feeling about it with pop-ups on one corner and app developers on the other.


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